Effective counselling thanks to Diversified Experience
I have given it much thought before I became a management consultant and someone who supports both personal and business development. Today I know that each experience on my professional way has been preparing me for this role, though I could not actually foresee that from being a manager myself, I would become someone who would be counselling other managers on how to free the potential of their employees and organizations.

I was a sales director, a sales and marketing director, a chief operations officer to end as a vice-president of the board of three companies (in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary). I was responsible for sales, marketing and HR. I have conducted many successful restructurings and changes in organization.

I have 20 years of experience in managing teams in Poland and abroad. This includes also the creation of teams and companies – recruitment, visioning, forming organizational and marketing strategies, organization of departments, creation and implementation of motivation systems, responsibilities, competence development and career paths.
Even then as a person managing organizations I have practiced coaching methods thanks to which my teams were better motivated. They felt that more depends on them and that they could do more and that they could do better. I often asked for coaches and other counsellors support, both in individual and team processes. I realize how much the proper coaching process means for people and companies. I also appreciate other form of business and individual support. These are invaluable devices that shorten the road to development and success significantly.
Each team, even the best one, has potential that can be identified and used. That is why we often evaluated organizational culture and employees engagement in order to know what needs to be improved. Later we worked out career paths. As an effect we always achieved results much higher than the benchmark not only in comparison to other Polish companies but also to the CEE region.
Several years ago I understood that I could share my rich and diverse experience with those who needed change. It occurred to me that I could help management with personal professional development and help them with the necessary changes in organization. In 2015 I obtained an ICC license (International Coaching Community) and I received a title of International Coach. Today I am ready for new challenges. Challenges where my passion, knowledge, commitment and experience would help you and your organizations to develop.

  • whether your strategy does not work effectively and requires thorough changes
  • whether your team burns out and lacks motivation
  • whether you need fundamental changes in your company
  • whether you need to improve internal communication
  • whether you intend to change the structure of your organization
  • whether your organization lacks integrity
  • whether you prepare your organization for ownership changes of for merger